Don't poison the dandelions!
Not only are they a colourful early spring bloom but they are an important source of pollen for bees and other pollinators.
The following list is a sample of plants that bees love. Be sure to plant a variety of flower shapes and sizes to attract a greater diversity of pollinators.


Click here for a list of hardy plants suitable for Zone 3 like the Cariboo region BC.


Herbs Annuals Perennials
Bee balm Asters Buttercups
Borage Calliopsis Clematis
Catnip Clover Cosmos
Cilantro/Coriander Marigolds Crocuses
Fennel Poppies Dahlias
Lavender Sunflowers Dandelion
Mint Zinnia Echinacea
Rosemary Hollyhock Thistles
Sage Tansy  
Thyme Yellow hyssop  


Fruit and veggies Shrubs Trees
Blackberries Blueberry Basswood/Linden/Tilia
Cantaloupe Carragana Black locust
Cucumber Cotoneaster Fruit - apple, cherry, plum, pear
Peppers Privet Hawthorn
Pumpkin/squash   Maples
Raspberries   Mountain ash
Strawberries   Poplar
Watermelons   Willow