Honey Bee Stings


Honey bees that swarm with their queen are docile and rarely sting.


What to do if a bee stings?
If a honey bee stings, stay calm and quickly remove the stinger.
Remember the faster the stinger is removed the less venom is injected and the less painful the reaction.


What to expect if you are stung?
Unless you have experienced many stings you will probably see redness and swelling around the sting site. This is normal. Expect to feel a little itchy around the site as your body deals with the sting. Ice packs help reduce any pain from inflammation.

What is not normal?
Call 911 if any of the following occurs:


    • More than 10 stings

    • Stings in the nose or mouth as this can lead to shortness of breath

    • immediate itching

    • redness beyond the sting site

    • hives (raised welts)

    • shortness of breath


If you see a swarm call a beekeeper. Click here for a list of beekeeper Associations


John Gibeau of the Honey Bee Centre is an experienced bee wrangler. He is preparing a mini swarm (queen with bees) for a bee beard demonstration.