Does your city allow beekeeping?


Some cities allow beekeeping and others do not. City councils that have changed their bylaws have done so after presentations by beekeepers about the benefits of bees and beekeeping.


Need help with city bylaws?


Here are some progressive cities that allow beekeeping, along with a copy of their bylaws. You can use their bylaws to draft suitable set of guidelines for your municipal council.



Vancouver BC Canada - similar bylaws to other surrounding municipalities thanks to the help of beekeepers in the city


New Westminster BC Canada - Bylaws were drafted by John Gibeau who was also instrumental in helping other beekeepers achieve bylaw changes for City of Vancouver, Burnaby, Langley township and Port Coquitlam.


City of North Vancouver Canada - provides Hobby Bee Keeping bylaws


Maple Ridge BC Canada - Bylaw regulating hobby beekeeping


Delta BC Canada - allows 2 hives and 2 nucleus colonies on a city lot


Surrey BC Canada - allows urban beekeeping


Chilliwack BC Canada - allows urban beekeeping


Vernon BC Canada - allows urban beekeeping 2 colonies and 2 nucs


Kamloops BC Canada - allows 2-10 beehives depending on the lot size


Dawson Creek BC Canada - allows a max of 2 colonies and 2 nucs


Calgary AB Canada - has no restriction unless there is a complaint


Edmonton AB Canada - allows 1 hive and 1 nuc on a city lot


Saskatoon SK Canada Section 21.1- allows for bees provided that they do not exhibit defensive behaviour.


Winnipeg MB Canada- recently expanded approval for beekeeping from downtown to all areas within the city.


New York City legalized beekeeping in 2010 with guidelines for responsible beekeeping




 Burnaby BC has an attractive brochure with information for keeping bees in their city

Adony Melathopoulos at Oregon State University has very helpful guidelines on best practices for keeping bees in residential areas



Provincial Act


British Columbia Bee Act

Policy on Bee Movement

Alberta Bee Act

Bee Regulation

Saskatchewan Apiaries Act

Apiaries Regulations

Manitoba Bee Act

Diseases of Bees

Ontario Bees Act


Quebec Loi sur les abeilles

Animal Health Protection Act English

New Brunswick Apiary Inspection Act

Regulations French and English

Nova Scotia Bee Industry Act

Bee Industry Regulations

Prince Edward Island Animal Health & Protection Act

Bee Health Regulations

Newfoundland Livestock Health Regulation

Animal Health Regulations